Caister – the views of a participant


We caught up with Steve Carter from Thundersley Pirates to get his view on the tournament, what he loves about it and why he keeps coming back:

CFB:  Hi Steve, thanks for talking to me today.  As someone who has been to Caister for a number of years I wanted to get your thoughts on the tournament and what you love about it.

SC:  No problem.

CFB:  How many years have you been to Caister?

SC:  This year will be my 20th!

CFB:  Wow, a real veteran of the tournament, you must either love it or be a real glutton for punishment! ha

CFB:  What is it about Caister that you like?

SC:  Atmosphere 100%

CFB:  What is your favourite memory from the tournament?

SC:  Too many to mention…!

CFB:  What are you looking forward to most this year?

SC:  Same as every year, catching up with all the old faces and seeing what craziness Baddow Eagles get up to this year!

CFB:  Would you recommend the tournament to anyone who hasn’t entered before?

SC:  All the time, sometimes people are sceptical when you tell them how good it is, but once they have been, they soon realise why people love it!

CFB:  That’s great, thanks for spreading the Caister love!

CFB:  Is there anything you would change about the event?

SC:  Not really, would be nice to be closer to the SportsPark but all things considered it’s a great venue and the accommodation is perfect too.

CFB:  Ah that’s good to know….thanks!

CFB:  So finally, do you think the tournament is good value for money?

SC:  I think it’s fantastic value for money!

CFB:  We’re glad you think so, thanks for talking to us today and we look forward to seeing you in a couple of months!

SC:  See you soon!  Can’t wait



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